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BalaKandam Sarga 1 Verse 3&4

Bala Kandam 3rd verse:

Charithrena cha ko yuktha: sarvabhutheshu ko hitha: |
vidwan ka: ka: samarthascha kashruka priyadharshana: ||


Who is having all the good and holy customs? Who is showing empathy and love to all kinds of animals? Who is aware and master of all the Atma and Anatma tattva? Who can give happiness in this and all the other worlds?


Charithrena - Good practices
yuktha: - whover follows
ka: - who?
sarvabhutheshu - Among all kinds of animals
ka: - who?
hitha: - feels happiness in all situations
ka: - who?
vidwan - aware and master of all the Atma and Anatma tattva
samarthascha - Whoever can finish the activites that no one can do
ka: - who?
Ekapriyadarshana: - Who spreads love and compassion at all times
ka: - who?


Whoever masters both the Atma-tattva and Anathma-tattva is known as Vidwan. ka: hitha: = ka: samarthascha = Whoever finishes the activities that no one can do is known as 'Samarth'. 'Akatanapatu' is the other name for him.

'Kaschaika priyadharsana:' - He is none to second who can shower his love towards others. A person seems lovable once. In another instance, he is not. If we see him we get happiness once and angry the other time. But, This person is not like that. 'Kshane kshane yannavadhaamupyaithi thadheva roopam ramaneeyadhaayaa:' If we see different figure everytime, he is called as 'Ramaneeya'. Who is such person?

Bala Kandam - 4th verse?

Atmavaan ko jithakrodho dyuthimaan konasooyaka: |
Kasya pipyathi devascha jatharoshasya samyuge ||


Who controls all the senses? Who keeps his anger in his control? Who is so bright that the entire universe admires him? Who does not envy about the auspicious qualities that others possess? If one gets angry on any evil activities, both devas and asuras will dread to face him. Who is He?


Atma means Body and Senses put together. Who has kept these in his control? As the verse 'Atma jeeve druthau swabhave paramathmani' says, Atmavaan means Courageous person. Who is that person is the question.

'Jithakrodha:' Whoever controls anger, can be called as Jithakrodha. Without getting angry but just punishes for the mistakes done, is also called as Jithakrodha.

'Dhyuthimaan ka:' Whoever has pure light in his mind, senses; On seeing whom the entire universe gets pleased, he is known as 'Dhyuthimaan'.

'ka anasooyaka:' - Jealous is something that we show to a person, if we cannot bear his auspicious qualities. Who is that person who does not have such jealousy is the above question's summary.

'Kasya pibyathi devascha jathadhoshanya samyuge'. Kasya = On seeing whom; Jathadhoshasya = If one gets angry on bad things; devascha = devas and asuras; pibyathi = gets scared?

As per the grammar rule, 'bedhrarthanaam bayahethoonaam', 'kim' becomes 'kasya'. Since he has explained very deeper meanings in these three verses, the author has used 'Udaatta alankara' in these verses.

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